Some things never change?

Or at least seems so. Like children, being children.

A lot do change. Weather (freaking all the time), mood, innovations, politics (yuk), technology. Especially technology has so terribly much positive and negative, very negative influence on our daily lives. Look, this message was typed on a most recent Chromebook, and after, pushed a virtual button to publish it. A tiny example what effects technology can have, and this is far from everything.

New art sort came alive, namely digital painting, giving us easier distributable, marvelous works. Caused a boom of new talents’ rise. Some tablets in combination with the right applications are even great tool to write. Anywhere. Used to be typewriter job, then electric typewriter. Fixed you to one place (they were many things, except mobile). Gone are those days! Productivity for businesses can be boosted with easy cooperation even from distance. We all can have now a camera. In our pocket. Everything and everyone can be connected and equipped with power to create, work, enjoy. What could go wrong…

new artist tools digitally


While I love tech, and thus my equipment too, I have to admit, for the weak human nature and mind, this all might have happened a bit too fast. Too much accelerated, and many got lost in. Or, seems so. Also I have to remind myself at moments: power off, shoes on, and go! Or just power off and be busy with others, with pets. And I do. Because it is all too easy to get distracted by our awesome innovations from the one should matter most: Life. To live it first, maybe capture it of course, but sharing needs no hurry. First share it with those next to you. There, standing, waiting. People reach out to far regions thanks to tech, share their lives with the rest of the world on tens of ways online, but in the process, they stuck isolated offline, at home ground. Long lived friendships get lost, faded. Protected “boxes” for the mind are created slowly to be able to focus to everywhere else…except the ones close to home!


With one of my stops, long breaks in the early afternoon, I suddenly had to look outside the window. I heard a quickly growing sound mixture from the street and parks here, mix of laughter, excited screams, bikes’ and balls’ sound effects. Kids came home early from school.

Guess what. First they did, perhaps after a meal of course, was going out and meet, and being up to “no good” in the neighborhood. In groups, together. They went on biking, then switched to a bit footballing, running on the grassy fields under the warm sun. Acted as we also did when we were kids. I remember, I did. All the time. Some of them are in the age of having smartphone, ok, a cheaper version, but own one. But they still find it secondary, I conclude from what I see here regularly.

They are far too busy being kids. They are busy making bonds, friendships, and strategies how to “screw” each other. They are busy enjoying a spring, and all what comes with. Enjoying they free time, together. And that is how they make connections, even in 2017, they prefer this method on first place, and socializing on home territory. Maybe it’s subject of changes later on in their lives, but it is a promising start. The first steps are made on the right principes!

This is why I tell also my wife all the time, let’s just not grow up fully, let’s keep a piece of our inner child, to stick around. We don’t want Life ran too fast next to us while we were too busy being blind and isolated. We want memories, and those do not make themselves, not even for shares!

Look at the kids, and look at our inner kid, they know how to do it. Fortunately, it seems, some things never change, couldn’t be innovated away. Let’s keep it so!


Just sit in and relax

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