Weekly poetry, #3

And a good one to you too…a day, I mean, of course!

Weekly Poetry might suggest at first hearing a poem a week, but, hey, let’s break suggested rules. I am living on the edge 😀

Here is an other fresh work of my sleepy, unresting mind, full with plans and expectations, excitements. Constantly active, working, thinking… And yes you see it right, Weekly Poetry’s gotten its own featured image, recurring. A kind of a large logo of it, easy to spot the series between other posts, although I’ve created a new, Poetry category as well.

Exits and plans


Too sleepy, all the thoughts are aching,

Early to stand, but no dreams coming.

Every slow minute, and every damn hour,

Lying restless, in a tired man’s desire.

Something must linger, under the conscious,

Worries on plans, plans bring such a circus?

We have great plans, fears need not to be paired to,

The consciousness says, I’d love to listen to, I hear you!

Would I be, or could, this much excited?

Or the mind, spirit’s awake, while

It smells doom at the exit?!

<by: Me>

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