Faith to be restored

There are days, more often actually than not, one just shouldn’t open any news outlets online. Just nothing at all. It is, these days, more like the daily venom to your faith in humanity, and there seems to be no healing from.

I don’ t mean to be too negative, not on a gorgeous day like this one, and yes, there is still a lot to be inspired by, motivated by to be happy together. Not ignoring that fact. I just have to look at my little family, my neighborhood, some really great, friendly people around. A true fortune.

Generally, I am also, as you could see already, a positive person with a sense of humor.

I just should give up on the habit of reading anything else than technology related news, books of my choice and Reader of WordPress of course. Or watching cat videos (which is a must!). Once you go outside of this scope, there is much to be worried about and start to see things with a bit less faith. I mean, look at the headlines:

  • Beaten to death for being a dairy farmer,
  • Child porn charges,
  • Swedish attack,
  • Boy tried to buy machine gun online (no, no joke)
  • Missile strikes here, bombing there…

Just a partial selection of a front page’s headlines. And just going on. Week in, week out.

What I wonder though, and maybe shouldn’t but question raises automatically: how long we can go on like this with so many people on a planet with its size what it is? There is no question about why world politics, or a part of, doesn’t give a damn about or just fueling everything for the worse: partially, it is quite a business. And besides, there is the self destroying nature, greed, hunger for power, for more in the genes.

And there is the good side of the masses never stood up against the few in power, the dumb side of the masses gets their vote out and win, and the few educated and scientist popular profiles raise their valid concerns in public and fall to deaf ears and remain without substantial support. Or, old support gets cut, because of pressure. There is the wealthier and good in the human population which sleeps and gets blinded with the next big bling thing waiting to be purchased, by fashion, dictated by popular media. Shallow entertainment. And there is the 50% poor which never gets a voice…an other 1-2% finds that inconvenient economically and politically alike.

There is good too in the world.

There are those ready to do 24/7 everything for those in need, being animal or human. There are those did/do great sacrifices for no return, knowing no risks too high. Some days, a piece of faith gets restored, and we again shine for a moment. Just to vanish again in the smokes of the next conflict.

It’s just that one thing, balance. Sometimes it seems to be just a word, and good gets muted to make healing of this world a little bit harder.

But it’s spring, summer is soon enough here, let’s look outside and focus on the beauty of things are still present. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Faith to be restored

  1. I don’t watch the news these days. I definitely feel I have retreated somewhat – spending more time just tending to the tiny patch of land we can call our own, enjoying our little family and ignoring all that I cannot affect, while hopefully sending out some signals of fun via flash fiction 🙂

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