I love the sunrise, and the moonlight

With today’s walk outside, with Roxy as my sidekick, I couldn’t help myself to simply have a smile on my face. Not just because of the fact that Roxy was extraordinarily happy for our time together again in the green and rolled over constantly in front of me to show her playfulness, great mood. Everything seemed to be so perfect all over the place: the warm on the face, although time was nearing evening, on the neck. Just feels insanely good. People made time for each other, everywhere families outside playing, walking dogs, all kind of activities everywhere in groups. Hell, people came together. Suck it Facebook, people had just too much winter before this! Put a Like on it! 🙂

I loved this morning the sunrise even more, the very first rays. I felt, the day won’t let us down, and mate, it didn’t! I love the sunrise. It brings the weekend in the right fashion to people, it is so powerful it makes them disconnect…just to reconnect. Through their dogs, cats, kids, reconnect with each other. They find a reason, they grab opportunity and in one moment, you see parks filled with joy. Streets, pedestrian ways gets decorated with drawings. You see colors around you which were absent for a long time.

We made our own walk also so much longer, could not care about time, we got a bit, hmmm, “adventurous”. So after passing our four blocks of apartment buildings in our street to arrive to the first grass field with four trees behind we always play on, we didn’t take our usual circle around those blocks, on the walking path behind them. Instead, we went straight ahead, away from the area to a small bridge, and while we were passing through on, we both looked onto the water and enjoyed the view of swimming birds trolling each other and having a big mouth towards us.

We stopped a bit. There was time enough, I thought.

Roxy, being a Bengal, was highly interested in figuring out a way to catch those meals delivered on water. Not that she could, but it is fun seeing her so excited, sometimes asking me for advice, cute faced to me with her green eyes half closed. Funny girl, as I could catch those!

I wanted to have a nice big walk, so, I called the mini tiger, and we slowly went on, few hundred meters ahead, leaving the bridge and the pesky, winged monsters behind. Then at a small intersection of paths, turned left. On this route, I knew we get to more green eventually, some bushes with several little lakes between and two, three hidden little fields to sit down between trees. Peaceful idea.

We walked and ran, playing catch me if you can on a kilometer distance on our way we had to take ’til the promising lakes’ areas. The kilometer behind, and a right turn, we got off the city walking path, arriving between the first group of trees with a little grass field and the first lake between, the biggest one, after some some hundreds of meters further exploration. Roxy still next to me, looked up at me regularly, but she was changed. Her fur, rather. Stood, all of it. All of her fur standing, tail seemed to be ticker as that had the same. The tiger mommy felt something, yet nothing to see, but I had to wonder: why so stressed, just in a moment? Not the first time we are here at this little, silent, half hidden harbor of peace.

My eyes got used to the gradual darkening as the evening slowly approached, as being constantly outside, with Puss with no boots, eyes adjusted with light changes gradually, so I just did not realize time yet. What I did realize, everything is, even if being bit hidden from eyes and from any traffic, far more silent than usually. Total silence. We stood near at the lake on our right, was easy to see entirely the water’s surface. No birds. I mean, not one, where always, the whole year through, you meet with tens of in groups every time you come. None. Admittedly, and I like a bit of a weird and suspense, this was creepy. The silence was damn much more than my city guy ears were used to, as we would have walked into a place teared out of the world. Feeling of instant isolation, just outside. Roxy came between my legs to take position, fur still standing, looking to the lake nervously. Her mood changed, and she changed mine too. Fun is gone at this point, but I found this far too curious to go. Or, just got frozen as well.

I started to gently pet my loyal Bengal ma, I believe I wanted to relax her mind and get her out of the stress, while this was relaxing me too of course. I whispered to her as I knew she listens well, while we both stared at the dead silent water. Started to be darker. Nice, we slipped further into the evening! From the weirdness of this place, which place in any other day has been just fine, I didn’t sense first how much quicker became darker. To add to the list of weirdness. And the otherwise so damn talkative cat, was silent too. Just staring to the surface of the lake, ever angrier. So did I, now with much more attention to details, for everything.

No wind, no birds’ noises; dead silent field, trees and lake. Everything stood.

Under any other circumstances would have found it relieving peaceful after the city’s noises, but not right now, not without a bit of imperfection of it. At least a little breeze should be there, some gentle animal sounds. None. Even the brave Bengal was frozen in suspicion, call it fear. At this point no one argues.

We, adventurers of this weirdly fast arriving evening, never thought we would see so quickly moonlight’s beautiful shine in the water as mirror reflects wife’s beauty back in the morning. But we saw it. And it was gorgeous, it was bright and unnaturally huge reflection. I mean, seriously, in the midden of the damned water, most of the surface mirrored the shine of the moonlight. I’m a romantic, I love moonlight as much as I love sun, with passion. But this couldn’t be, Not here, not this time of the year, and anyway, never showing like this. And just to be completely and utter creepy, when I instinctively looked up: there was no Moon on the sky yet. Not at all. Now the real shivers came to drive my skin mad in seconds. A sunny day’s walk turned into an unreal type of adventure, just by taking a turn to a lake you thought you knew.

I had to look back to the water, and just saw. The light, beautiful cold silver, brightened further and further, moving as it would have moved up from the bottom of the lake, slow enough to see beautiful subtle changes in water, effects, caused by the curious, cleanest ever silver shine, circle of…whatever new hell this might be. It got close to the surface, close to come out entirely, as it purpose with appearing and moving slowly would be to levitate in the air eventually, above the lake. Started to understand, by the way, why there were no animals at all around. Or dead, or they are just that smarter than a human and a cat, and chose to keep a healthy distance, and look for a new home without the feeling of threat, damnation and despair. Feelings, pretty much started to haunt us inside, slowly emerging as we “enjoyed” the spectacularly out of world light show.

Meters behind us, rows of trees. I called Roxy while started to slowly, carefully go to those with the thought of hiding behind a bigger one and we might slowly get out of here, without being noticed. I did not know why I thought there would be someone (something) to notice us whom I would not want to succeed doing so, but I felt it. In eevry bones, I felt, this is not natural. This isn’t a once in a lifetime, otherwise natural occurrence. Nature’s rare sense of humor. Nope. This was bad omen brother, and tiger mama felt that too…


<to be continued>




Yes, it started as a usual post about telling something of a day, or some thoughts of reality, indeed. Even my cat’s name is real in. Well, it is a first piece of a starting fiction series. From me. To you all. 🙂



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