The public never doubts, never asks

I love weekends! OK, I hear you, who doesn’t?!

More time and attention for everything. And everyone. More time to talk at the breakfast with wife, playing with attention craving cat critters, play some music, read news and conversations on a relaxed way with a lovely fresh brew coffee in hand.

And pay attention to the masses that are a part of some online conversation under a very, very suspicious article about a new (and doubtful) promotional research (supported by Nestlé) from 2009 to 2014, and a book of ode of the E-numbers, coming from a young researcher lady (with connections to food industry seemingly, supermarkets and…Bayer, not less), which accidentally needs to be published, promoted and sold too, of course. This is about the E-components of food industry, coming from industry labs self (there are also E-numbers coming from natural ingredients. Or there are those which keep our food longer good. Let’s leave those out now), to be precise. And this is the same lady who says, cooking self would also stand in the way of emancipation, so just check it off our list permanently…Because cooking can be done only by females and it must be full-time activity, right?! And cannot be something couples do together more often than not? Or a male alone. Here at home, we actually often have fun with…but hey, I’ m not a Phd. in microbiology. I just do what seems to be sensible.

She (32 yrs. old today) is now a journalist, columnist (forgive me I don’ t give you her credentials, not so important right now, this won’ t be about science. Because science itself is great, something constantly improves our lives. Besides, you don’ t want to read and translate dutch) and started a recent campaign for the poor and misunderstood chemical E-components in food in general. Her stance is that the innovations of food industry (linked to diseases all too often, shady practices) make our life awesome, E-numbers are to cherish, never to fear, and self cooking and preparing natural dishes is old and evil. We don’ t want to go back to medieval, do we? In short, from the most recent interview with her.

Boy, don’ t we learn something every day! 😀

What is scary, besides her book got released to the general public and she publishes in papers these days, is that seemingly the general public does NOT question a thing, once the name of a science is involved, along with the name of a young and loud scientist no one ever heard of before. Nothing is asked by most people, there is now new evidence, we can eat it all! Also, the European Union allows those components, so they must be good and healthy, not?! Because politics are known of fairness and transparency, what even money of food industry, pharma industry cannot spoil. For sure, in an utopia.

And just dare to question things on such forums, resulting in a bit frustration, pointing out what past researches has proven, whistle blowers from inside food industry released risking a lot, and how her logic on certain points baffles the rest of us (causing a smile too, being honest). Not to mention serious tights in industries which have the biggest wins in this, and in a time when she just started a career! You just have to dare!

You are (virtually, digitally) crucified by the majority; called with less than endearing names, not so gently prompted  for scientific evidences of your own (!) to provide right away…there, on the forum, none less. You know, in like…a minute. Not that you are the only one with internet connection, e-book stores, and Google. I don’ t mention brain, and capabilities of thinking for self and healthy doubt about connections between facts, timing. Those were missing components there.

Let’ s point out something: I love and respect science and scientists, as I love technology too. Science saved, improved already so many lives. Made diseases history, made our days more enjoyable. But the best, most honest scientists (historical or contemporary) told you too, many times over: question things, argue about, think through, research if you can! It is all good and natural. After all, isn’t that how sciences came alive through history?


“Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.”

Primo Levi


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