So bad, it’s almost good

Hey hey, I sure hope you missed me! To be honest, and I am always with you, we had a fantastic walk-all-the-ways with soulmate.

As most people these days, I’m also part of (but addicted to) this social media habit, so it comes natural, I am on Google Plus too. In fact, I’m member of it since its invite only test programme, while in beta. It’ s nothing like what it once used to be… 😦

In the early start days of publicly opened G+, we had a huge, funny, intelligent crowd there. Great quality posts came all the time by, awesome, huge conversations developed 24/7. It used to be a community. And as such, we started to invented fun stuffs, posting series around topics. So was, Wordsturbation. Yep, you read it right. 🙂

Don’t worry, it is cleaner than it looks.

Wordsturbation: call new expressions alive to be able to express situations, things with one word, and if can, make it funny.  For one’s own joy. This is already, until then, a non-existing word to express this extremely useful, inventive online activity, with one word.

Well, we took Think Different to a total new level.

Some other examples, without completion:

  • Shitastrophy: word used for massive mess ups, fucked up situations, epic fails with (near) life changing effects.
  • CATostrophy: above, caused by cats, suffered by theirhuman servants.
  • Catolympics: a series of, by cats invented, recurring challenge activities, involved any obstacles randomly chosen and high jumps, running; where at you hoped at the end you still have a home.
  • Shiturday: it is not as cute as the ever famous Caturday, but shit involved jokes, memes, and some other things I don’ t call here made it a short living hilariousity.
  • Icewers: Post about people’s flower creations…from ice cream.
  • Notifuckation: notifications people intentionally annoy you with, or, caused by unexpected popularity
  • Plusfucking: when user(s) plussed as many of your posts as possible in an incredibly short time. LOL, good luck going through who and what, all the notifications. This “kind gesture” by the way (there were rules!) , favor, had to be returned.
  • Wordsturbing: comes from wordsturbation (look above).
  • Gaypire: Expressing the new type of vampires made by writer of the Twilight books, visualized by the producers of that @#?$ :-(@!*# of a movie, Edward as main shiny character, obvious showcase of creators’ gay vampire sketch. Gaypire.

I think you got the idea. There have been many through the years, but also many got forgotten sadly. Or fortunately, depends on, you do or do not have a sense of humor without being overly prude, or a hypocrite.


8 thoughts on “So bad, it’s almost good

  1. I love it! Such great words. I wish I had been using google+ then. Portmanteau words…as Humpty Dumpty would say…two meanings packed into one word.


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