A giant Easter egg’s trouble

When I was a child (yes, I have been one, and no, not so long ago 😛 ), not that I grew up fully, I loved Easter. I lived in super fun traditions of Hungary connected to Easter Monday, and that did not involve egg search like in other countries folks do. Although I admit, that sounds like a lot of fun too. In fact, we just might do that this year here at home. Well, the adult version. 😉

Two weeks ago again I’m walking with dearest inside the supermarket, looking around what we need (and what we want. There is a difference indeed), while making it awkward for everyone else there with our happy trolling, teasing each other. People tend to be boring, answering to society’s agreed norms dutifully, it’s really not our fault.

Suddenly I see in a corner of this heaven of delicious sins, an incredible collection of promotions for Easter! And how, yum! Chocolate rabbits in all sizes, types. Conventional, Milka, all kind of. Choco this, choco that, an there between the chocolate eggs, I see something never before. A dream of a true lover came true:

giant easter egg chocolate-2

A monster Easter egg! I mean, look at that size! That is all chocolate. ❤ Love at first sight and touch. I was emotional seeing this, I needed a hug…so I hugged it.

You must love giant, XXL chocolates!   Image credit

But, there lies the problem in: its size. Before eating it, must wait until Easter (16, 17 Apr.), hide it to be found. HIDING IT?! That monstrosity, my friend. Huh, thinking about challenges, right?!

I see only one solution, there is no other: Easter, this year, must come early. In fact, today already. Then someone must claim he/she found it and it must be consumed. Before whatever monster is hatching from that egg. We all watched those movies, right?! And the problematic of hiding is solved with one clap. And with some insulin.

I’m a man, and as such I see as my duty to step up for incredible challenges, and save the day and others’ health. Kill the beast!

And all will sing songs of the hero, with no limits of his strength and no doubts on self-sacrificing (https://youtu.be/NrLkTZrPZA4), no second thoughts. The villain must vanish, in a moment, to cherish.


huge easter egg
The enemy, in comparison with other objects on the radar. That is a real man’s task, there!

By the way, just relax. I’m not crazy to eat this anomaly of food industry. I have no diabetes wishes, nor such greed. Sharing is caring and that will happen.

On the 14th this goes to family members with our next visit…let them suffer! 😀


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