Insomnia feast with no dips

This is not the usual posting. But, what is that anyway?!

You can take this as a quickly made parody from me, got inspiration while listened to one of my old favorite electronic tracks on Spotify, Faithless’ InsomniaA great track by the way. Click on that link to listen first on YouTube, if you need to refresh your memory.

Mind you, this is just written in some minutes, blindly, like in ten, fifteen; while listened to the song over and over, so by no means would this be with the music, rhythm perfectly synced text. Despite, I think it’s a relatively nice try. And a joke. Because, you know: why so serious?! We have different means to keep Monday blue out the door.

Deep in the crowd of the restaurant’s night,
When I search for Coke Light, I see nuggets hide.
I struggle my fight with forces to use my right,
And without fear, I order some.
Awe-some. Can have dips?

I wanted to hurry, stood there in worry, deep,
Getting stressed in excess test of dark dips
There is no sweet sour just curry and chilli,
The feeling of it all over me creeped.
In sanity, please let me dream, and my dishes,
Of making grand love with my favorite dip
At the tables’ heat,
Tearing off pieces of chicken nuggets.
There is no release no peace, with
Just a mere thought of a feast.

Like a cursed open my eyes in rising fears,
At least a couple of weeks since I last had it,
Taking my favorite dips.
But now I packed myself nugged
When box arrived, tonight, with no candle light.
Just to find inside , funds of nuggets, ahhh.
The feaster in my nature under restless attack:
I get NO dip
I can’ t get SWEET dip!

I know, I know…what’s wrong with him, you ask.

Image credits to: this site




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