A zoo story, and a promise

Thanks (first I wrote as ‘thansk’…a whole new english, like dyslexia for wrtiting. Writ’o’lexia) for coming again, I see you are just not a quitter. Well then. Ok seriously, it is called dysgraphia, I know…

…I just googled it.

At the end of the last post, I promised (or threatened, depends on personal views about me) you to tell what was that day in the zoo, where that picture was taken as joke. In end of summer 2015 by the way. Come on, that big board with that photo right at the entrance, every kid see that as the first real BIG change in confrontation with animals. A big O’ photo about a monkey, zoomed into…

This will happen, with lot of photos, some videos uploaded and written enough about. It will be pretty. Like porn of making a post. 🙂 Or less extreme, Gucci of post. Although not sure that Gucci isn’t just worse… 😀

But not today, I’m sorry. Why, you ask, and when then?! This week not.

Coming days: friday last visit in an other city at a friend’s place before our big journey. Saturday visit family members to say our goodbyes, for now, before our big journey. Sunday, IT IS our big journey.

Posts keep coming after, everything up and running again from monday on, from the other country then. With some extra  reports from there, freshly baked and pressed with pictures about the capital’s places. A promise made, a debt to pay!

But this week first the big work of relocation.

The happy heavy burden.


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