May the Fourth be with you…and me too!

What could be more stylish then my coming back to you, my great readers, on the most important day: Star Wars’ international day! 🤗 

For a bit over two weeks, I know, I have been away. No new stories, no poetry, no reports of any kind with a hint of wit and sarcasm. I don’t even know how could you continue your life. Probably, until now, it has been mere existence, with no life force and joy to fill the hole with it!

Now I’m here to fill for you…all the holes! 😀  

Well, thing is: we had to settle in our new home, and that, after visiting first Budapest for a little while, the capital city, and a lot of searches and disappointments, finally after those, finding our new house and land. Yep, land too. This time we decided, no more rent, no more toxic city. A big house and a huge yard and land in a gorgeous village. Its size is for true self sufficient living, can start anything with it simply. And a great start here is our intention too. Farm life isn’t strange to me, I’ve had such in my youth, for many years. The peace and green here around is wonderful, people are sweet and helpful, friendly to each other as one would expect. Definitely our way of living within a community.

And this green fingered Jedi did not forget about you my friends. Much will come to your way, from this place! By the way, curious where exactly am I? Search for Hungary, and within that the province Békés. We are in its souther region, near by a big national park.

On the way to our new adventure and home
Budapest Hungary
A quick shot about heart of Budapest

This isn’t all! 

This is just a warm up, to say hello to all of you, awesome readers! From this on, more to come, back at writing again for my site and its visitors as used to. Whenever other pieces of works allow me.

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