A hidden treasure’s discovery

  Quite a morning, 5 a.m. Diego finally came back to home after one and half days of adventure elsewhere in the village. It’s a new place for them too, even newer, they are (our two Bengals) first time in their lives blessed with such a freedom and such a huge property of their own ( I almost said our property, but we know the truth: cats own everything). An endless, open litterbox! 😀 

Early morning landscape
It sure smells like 5 a.m.

Above it is the look of the morning at the land behind our house’s first and second yard. Watermelons are growing there. Just started to have light outside, had to make a picture, I loved the view. Romantic. And the air? It is as healthy as it looks!

Google Photo’s automatic panoramic view work:

  We moved in to our new home on 29th of April after the purchase was done that week. It was a plan; we wanted more peace, green, space and freedom. No noise, bigger house, an own land (it’s in my blood and history of my family, to have), great neighbours, all what makes all the search, waiting and headaches worth at the end. And the village is fabulous. Small, really green as one would expect and ordened well.

Me and Roxy in the good weather, looking around at the new place, walking a bit
A little school’s front yard and entrance. People do give a bat indeed about their environment.

  This place in one of the far provinces of the country has around thousand souls. And no, not just old, interestingly quite mixed with the generations. And our move to here made that statistic just stronger, like the looks on the faces when the first days I walked around with my wife. In a village like this, strangers are spot easily and questions raise, but it’s all friendly here, curiousity seemingly motivates fellows to come and ask frankly, start a good conversation. We made quickly contacts, talked with many of the locals already, kindly and funnily chatted away sometimes, as I did with our two neighbours next to our house. They are good and warm people. Welcome changes for our life, all over the place, changes we needed as we realized even more.

“Hidden” house in the green.

  There is of course work to be done, it comes with that naturally, and that makes me love it more. It becomes fully your home through time as you form it, change it, perfecting all of its corners​. You mark it with crafts of your hands. All that results in moments of sunny days when you sit down outside in your garden chair, look around and see your fruits growing, your happy cats playing in the freshly cut grass of the front yard, chasing many singing birds around you, and with smells​ of your fresh flowers in the background, with a view of a maintained land farther back, as far as eye can see. More animals are planned of course, their places are soon prepared fully, the only piece what’s missing from the puzzel called Life. And Home.

While writing this and looking around, it feels more than ever like that indeed: home. That we all finally arrived. 😍 

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