Your Paradise is out there

Hello again, my great reader! You do know that I still adore you, don’t you!?

While we’re​ finding our place in this community we moved to recently, dreamy nice village in Hungary, my birth country, of course me being a very open personality I am making contacts within the locals on a handsome pace. Know your neighbours. So, I certainly do.

And that is how I got asked if I would visit few house further in our street, a lovely old couple wanted to know me and they’re also actively offering their house and lands with it for sale. People are generally sweet here and very fair, this couple also is the living embodiment of kindness. Well, it is that old fashioned generation. Yes, I fancy that. Sometimes we all need a little old fashion in life…

Their house’s front yard. Or, a piece of that…

Just like we have, and almost everyone around, also they have behind the house and next to huge yards, great land pieces, fully utilized for all kind of vegetables, uncountable amount of fruit trees and bushes. Apples, pears, all kind of berries (except for Chuck or White), grapes, veggies from A to Z. Separate spaces, built out and protecting the animals, barns for any animals you would want. A place to be totally self-sufficient. Whatever happens, you are good whole year, summer, winter, fall, no troubles! 😘 

Just a piece of all the good things of mother Nature and human work

This little piece of Paradise is thus on sale. They simply just find it all too much for themselves to maintain. And it is maintained well, up to today, the one takes this gorgeous ranch system, gets it ready to live in. Green and peace everywhere. Sun, birds, clean air and waters, nature, yet combined with the modern resources you could use as well: modern gas, electricity, water, cable networks, satellite…all done, everywhere, but that’s just normal of course. It’s in Europe, not the end of the world, figurely spoken only.

Does the house itself need work? Purely cosmetic enhancements on points, done in two days, but NO constructional issues. Zero. At all. No wonder, people live in and maintain it all the time.

Cost? A mere 3 million HUF, which would be approximately € 9700 (euros). Yes, everything in, even furnitures and machinery of the house! 🤗 

Dirt cheap indeed, but they find it enough for their purposes. Our piece of new paradise was somewhat cheaper, but that is our luck in combination of making an even better deal. But if you look at carefully, pics above and below, this would be basically a steal. And the power in one’s hands of being productive for a whole family while really enjoying life. A healthy one, green one. You can’t put price on peace after all.

Exact location of the place: 5747. Almáskamarás, Dózsa György utca 76, Hungary, Europe. Where the village’s name is the ‘Almáskamarás’, 5747 is the postal code, ‘Dózsa György utca 76’ is the street address. You probably guessed that all but I want to be precise. They do have cell phone number, but the old couple don’t speak english, so that wouldn’t help much.

This isn’t purely an advertisement, as I said in the beginning this site meant to be free of such. This is a post about beauty and joy as usual, with a bit help for YOU too if you thought of making a life changing, improving decision to just have better for and and/or your family! A good friend’s well meant tip, while you enjoy some fresh photography.

Disclaimer: I don’t earn on this post either, I am no real estate broker nor I will be ever I think. Just that you know… 😎 

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