I love the sunrise, and the moonlight too #2

…and she listened even better to me than usually, and we now creeped together behind a larger tree. And from there, my eyes on the lake’s lighting. Just couldn’t take my cake-seeker built in optics off of it. Damn stupid curiousity man!

  The fake moonlight once stood above water level, stopped moving entirely. Quickly, suddenly, stopped. It started now, just to generate more shivers on us, to tremble; go into shaking in its centre first, gently in the beginning. Then the movement went through the entire light circle, making it dance gorgeously in the surrounding dark. As frightening this whole event turned out to be, as beautiful moments it has created either, let’s admit that. I don’t think anyone would have ever seen something this pretty, such cold spectacular beauty. I suddenly wished it would play some trance music in the background, the dancing trembles of the light circle (fake news moon) would fit to some Blizzard works. Kalopsya would do it. Or Closer, with Susanna. Anything just not this awful silence while we face our possible end. Ok, anything wouldn’t do of course, with Justin Bieber or Nicky Minaj as “music” to this evening and I probably would immediately jump midden into the water and light, consequences be damned! Whatever horror lies within. There is just so much a man can bear, you know… 

Back to the light’s dance, it became extremely fast paced. Up to the point where you couldn’t see its circle form anymore, just a huge spot of waving light above a lake. Then, something started to shape up, or out, from the mess. Or someone, as it was shaping to a full body form, with limbs, torso, neck and head, entirely made from that brilliant silver light. Or seemed so. It(?) stepped out from the lighting lake, despite the distance from the shore, with one easy step. The lake became immediately dark behind, let’s refer to it as him, and he stood there in his silver gloriousity with no further movements for the moment. He was just a form of a human type body, a shape of that, nothing more could be seen besides limb forms. No eyes, mouth, nose, no ears or hair. Light created humanoid form. A Lightoid. After lights out. I sure wasn’t curious enough to show myself in this scene, while I wasn’t sure either I’m hidden well from him. Whatever he is, surely not someone to just shake lightoid hands with and ask if he is Zeus’ lightning thief, had an accident with the stolen object and swallowed it?! Not an idea to go with, who knows if he has a sense of humor. In such a moment me and Roxy have none too.

As creepy he looked there in this set up, circumstances and environment, as cool and pretty fantastic was too. Still a torso only made out of the purest light, now it’s official: let’s call Lightoid folk, soft and ever trembling lines of silver light made this body, not looking as a solid form as we are. A cold flame light of a moon spit a creature to this world. He started to move, slowly. Not walking, just slowly turning around from the same spot, like looking around. That, if we assume he could, without visible eyes as we would prefer to think about the matter, looking around with eyes. Not that it matters in such a situation. As he turned, on the slight edges of his body shape line of dancing light, particle lines followed every of his turns, dancing around him constantly, making Lightoid’s human shape unsolid, subtle form, gentle and seemed fragile. Not that I thought he would be really fragile and couldn’t stand an attack on him or even counterattack. And not that I wished to figure out. Hell no. With this thought looked at Roxy automatically, like seeking an answer to this notion, but she just stood there at my legs and staring without a break. I accept that in myself as a No, kitty. Thanks for the support…

<To be continued>

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