Nominated already?!

When I started this place in January, I thought: ‘Hey, let’s write some! Get good busy, you like it anyway’. And of course if along the ride of typing sane and insane things out of this rather large bucket on my neck, there would be ‘some’ readers of it, well done then, nice. Lovely extra, could one say.

And fortunately those two points I nailed. We keep writing, while more and more of you keep reading (kudos for that, I don’t know if I would, he he) here. All these, much to my delight. But end of April and today I got surprised by two other bloggers and my subscribed readers: two different award nominations in two and a half weeks! Roda from Growing Self and Lexie from Everything and Anything nominated me for those. Such sweetness!

I am extremely honoured, and I truly and wholeheartedly appreciate the wonderful, positive attention and extra motivation! Thank you for this much love for my blog site, my works (fun), and thanks for being connected to me and for the chatters from time to time! Awesome.

And appreciation goes to my readers, subscribers as well, for your generosity with your time you spend visiting and commenting here, sharing and caring: Thank You all! Every single one of you, as you are all important part of this ever growing space.

Your friendly neighbour,


relaxing with trance music

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