Cooking away…

…soon again, I mean, for more than two persons. 

Coming weekend it is so far, let’s receive our first guests in our new hacienda, and throwing with that a proper hungarian garden feast. Garden table and lounge chairs out, and let’s light up a fire at its place, safely made with bricks. Baking some lovely thick bacons on fire, veggies, and of course, cooking the famous Goulash on the open fire, with a kettle (bowl, if you know so, but kettle is the proper name normally). 

Yes, Goulash, and I do not have to say hungarian Goulash, because truth is, that is the only one the original, the real and source. Others love to claim they make such, and those remain what they are: claims. Mere empty claims, like the dutch is one of those folks, they think they know what it is. I know from own experience, they fail every single time with. Want to know how to make, and with what exactly? Let’s go through:

Ingredients ( quantities for own judgement): 

  • Potatoes, approx. equal amount or just a bit under the meat’s amount
  • Carrots
  •  Meat squares, preferably beef pieces
  • Onions
  • Paprika, sweet, cut. I would say hungarian white paprika, bought from our country side, but you probably won’t have there any where you live. 
  • Tomatoes. Yes, in pieces
  • Sunflower oil
  • Paprika powder. You know, that red powder thingy in little bags?! Sweet or hot, for your tolerance level.
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Now here I would want to list a tube of ‘Goulash-creme’ but you won’t have there. Unless there is a hungarian food store in your city, town.
  • Laurel-leaves, dry. Some countries know it as Laurier leaves. 3-5 pieces surely, but not more. Also depends on quality of course.
  • Water

Let’s make the glorious meal:

  Put sunflower oil in a cooking pan you make the dish in, enough to nicely cover the full bottom of it, and start to heat it up. I guess you cut up all your veggies in pieces, onions in small squares?! Well, you should. When oil heats up, put all the onions you want into the pan, grant a nice amount (personal preference, I do richly) of paprika powder to it and stir this mix constantly while the onions are frying. Are the onions nice gold brown?! Gold brown/browns ISN’T black! 😁 

Now on top of this, put all your beloved sweet paprika pieces and tomato chunks in, and cook them for a bit, mix them with the fried onions, oil. Make them somewhat soft amd get their juices out, lovely. You can add some more red paprika powder and black pepper if you like. For own taste and amount of other ingredients.

Soaking all well?! Ok, next: throw all your beloved, gorgeous beef pieces in the pan, be a good Dj. Cook, and stir it to a juicy mix. Now, do not add water just YET! First let the beef juices cook out into your veggie mix, a lot of juice will come out and cooking is starting just fine. Don’t forget to stir as necessary and keep your fire medium to low, be gentle cook. Few minutes like this and you can add water so much that it nicely covers this meat-veggie mix, I would love to say, probably up to two third of the entire cooking pan, might BIT higher, but far from full for sure. You need to use your eyes for measurements to prevent it from becoming a to thin soup. Shouldn’t. 

Add laurel leaves, goulash creme (if any), and spices you prepared for and used already above, for your taste. And don’t be like many, do not forget to put in enough salt. Except if we do so on health reasons of course!! 🤗  

Cook this all on a low fire, let it cook relaxed, slowly. Occasionally check the soup’s water level, if cooked away much, add some til its previous level and spices again. Guard your precious, stir sometimes. Love it, talk to it, smile to it. Will love you back, surely. 😁 

If the meat is nearly soft enough, put all your pieces of carrots, potatoes and well wishes into the pan of Awesomeness and cook all this until everything is soft enough, as you would like it to become. Never forget to check its taste, and spice it if needed. With constant cooking, you lose some always, normal.

Serve it hot, with bread and a kind heart towards others. A smile and good chatter are just welcome extras, will all this taste so much better…

Enjoy my friends! 😊 

Kettle cooking goulash soup

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