When the lions sleep

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for…” – of course you were, I know. Here we go, another ‘awwww and ahhhh’ update from us.

This is, in contradiction with past posts (101 pieces like the Dalmatians), more a photo blogpost and much less text. Interwebz told me, you supposed to have a short attention span and I should type less, show more. Ok. 

Actually, I do have some awwwwwww- grade pictures, fresh, to show you, thanks to Bengal mama Roxy and ever growing son Diego (who, by the way, listens to the name of MiPoo…yep, there is in fact a story behind). A new episode of sleeping anatomy of the mini lions. Grrr… Well, here:

Amazing, right, what one can do with smartphones these days. With a OnePlus 3T, as you might remember. Eyes, hands, patience and a good device. Awesome combinations.

There is one new picture my wife made while she was walking in the village with Roxy, when she happily rolled on freshly cut gras in the morning warmth and sun:

That face!! 😁 

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