Why so serious…#2

“Gooooood mooorninng…” and then putting there Blogosphere instead of Vietnam, but still imagine Robin Williams’ voice from the movie and funny facial expressions back from the time. How I miss that actor, such sad story! 

But hey, today’s task is laughter, laughing, or, being the reason of such for others. Good purpose, I suppose. Sundays I receive jokes in my Gmail-box, through a years old subscription ongoing, and I saw some fun memes on the profile of a relative…I stole one. Because, hell yeah! 😁 

Jokes then first, translated, so I hope I am going to present those well:

  • How do you call the religious superhero?  – A-Men!
  • Honey, would you want to travel in a huge, blue car, with many horsepowers, and a driver behind the steering wheel?! – Oh yes, that would be great! – Come then and get on the bus.
  • Stewardess to the passenger: “Would you like to have a dinner sir?” ‘What can I choose from?’ “Well, Yes or No.”
  • The couple is driving for two hours already, if not three, when the wife is yelling and panicking: ” We have to turn back, I forgot to turn off and disconnect the iron, house will burn down!!” ‘Oh, don’t worry, it won’t,’ – starts the husband – ‘I forgot to close the water in the bathroom!’
  • Employer to the employee: ” Smith, it is already the fifth time for you being very late! You know what this means…?!”  ‘Yes. It’s Friday already!’ 🤣 

Meme time:

Text of meme: “I bought a house at IKEA”

“Oh dad, this weed is the sizzler”

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