De-motivation is fun

At least for us weirdos, like me and my wife.

Seriously, we just really get fed up by motivational cheesiness bullcrap everywhere we turn to on the web. Also our family and acquaintances started with it, posting meaningless cliches on things they have no idea about and serious issues are mostly. “Chase your dreams or your dreams will chase you” – wtf?! What the heck do you want to say with?! Useless.

But it’s ok. There is a solution for everything. 

Every single time I bump in such, I will have my own cards as a good answer: Demotivational cards. The dark side of the web, grabbed from a subreddit! Short and dark awesomenesses of the force. You’re welcome: the 9 best demotivational quote cards, just for you 🤣😁

Armchair Wise, beware, here we come!

I asked Roxy if she also approves these, but she had no opinion this time. We report when a comment comes in from her Majesty:

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