Sunny side of life force

So much things are done, and after a month, we look damn good settled here. Which also means, we got a new laptop for myself to work on AND to come finally more often here too.

Yet with retard Windows 10 on it, but not for long, soon linux is taking its well deserved space. Because it would be an awful thing to waste a machine 🙂

Yes, somewhat more. Maybe not as often as used to in peaktime March and April of my blogging on WordPress, with often several posts a day, but the silent treatment time surely shrinks further. A balance between March and past week’s performances.

How ya doin’? <insert Joey’s voice> Of course great, I saw your creativity’s babies. Such cute faces…

We’re so progressing with: internet, phone, TV connections are in, energy contracts are also signed, paperworks done and more is prepared, garden is getting a different (better) shape. One thing is still a freaking mystery however: where the hell one purchases animals from. Yes, live animals, as for the farm part, and no, not like dogs or cats. Nice that we have a huge land and garden, being able to provide vegetables and fruits for ourselves the whole year, but hey, animals are needed as well. Must catch somehow…like Pokemons.

And a wonderful, as expected, tropical kind of summer we currently enjoy.  Super air, sun and fun! Even with that we’re fortunate lately. Spectacular!

Below, my wife with our first batch of flower from our front garden, I surprised with:


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