Early morning brew

Tiring some might find, but there is some true beauty in getting up early on a summer morning. Not that the bed could hold me, however he tried with warmth and gentle touches, just couldn’t.

I was restless, probably felt it in my veins already, what a gorgeous, peaceful, warm yet pleasant monday morning. It smells fresh, green, flower. And it smells…well, 4 a.m. And already some light outside, so there is a serene view for the early bird with no sleep on his eyes. And of course a happy Roxy with a “Hey dad, you come to play with me, we go for a walk again?”– look on her face, in her gentle eyes. Yes little thing, we go…we went on her demanded walk in the village.

And then the beauty of sipping your very first coffee outside in your garden, with nothing else than the many sorts of birds outside flying and singing around you, making our mornings even better and for the cats Le Miserable, frustrating as they can’t catch one. Their faces and voices are funny, you can see and hear so much the frustrations and an invisible question mark above their head “And what are you laughing about now?”  About you silly. And then back to coffee, sipping from both, the hot motor oil of body and spirit, and the flawless, incredibly healthy air. True peace, closed eyes for some minutes and opened ears for the close and distant songs of nature. Just understood how much I love these many birdies. There is a lot of joy in having and hearing them.

There is a lot of joy in just getting up in the right moment, and have a treat for your senses with this world’s little details.  It might be addictive, a spectacular start of a day.




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