Systems, coffee and summer

I haven’t been as often as I thought I could, but the week was a joy anyway. I was busy, as you already could assume: great weather, cats, coffee and operating systems. This last one has been an activity of installs and tests, as I am someone who just cannot WASTE his new laptop on Windows, so I have reviewed, for myself, few linux distributions I loved in the past too, and picked one for my desktop: Old beloved openSUSE Tumbleweed with the Plasma desktop.

I could use Windows 10, but I just love freedom.

Freedom in every aspect of my life, and if that is true, then it goes to my desktop as well. Choosing the amount and type of software goes onto my PC, setting up myself the grade of security, with the tools I do choose for, the way I like it, not a company. I love that I do NOT have to trust a commercially interested company with no ethics and consciousness with them having 24/7 access to my computer (with valuable data and activities on). I love that they CANNOT screw it up with their incompetent updates, forced whenever they see to fit. And that I don’t have to accept their agreement which nobody could ever read through (boring and long)anyway. And from all, I love most the fact that I can use a system makes much more sense and does things as common sense would dictate, and not wasting my time unnecessarily.

But let’s not go on without making recommendations for those fellows are thinking about a switch and ditch. My favourite distributions of Linux in orde of LOVE:

openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE (Plasma 5.xx desktop today)
Manjaro with XFCE (Arch for those who want things easier, faster)
Xubuntu (Ubuntu derrivative with XFCE)
Ubuntu (Unity greatness, but heavier load)
Fedora (because you like challenges and want to be able to appreciate above four distros more)

You are free, so, make yourself entirely free, shatter your digital chains… 🙂

In other news: Roxy, our Bengal mama, amazed my mind again! Yesterday evening she reminded me that I promised her earlier we go out for our usual walk and play time once the heat goes down…a promise made is a debt unpaid. I take such seriously. She is smart and sweet. My intelligent tiger and friend.

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