Volume of a bus (ride) and a Jedi

Test your luck! Probably that was Karma’s motto a week ago when a bus ride for us went hilariously wrong.

And things always happen when you just don’t have the time, need to catch a train later and your whole day is on a time sensitive mission. And in a country like this, it really gets you unprepared, you don’t count on such an event. When your bus says…well, does not say anything just starts to smell inside weird and it must stop. Midden in a trip to an other town, between two, as it becomes dangerous to travel with. We don’t know just suspicion we can have that the engine burned somewhere inside.

While we pushed that volume away to a better spot to stand, one of the passengers found the moment perfect to play Last Jedi in advance…second from the right, pushing, is Me.


Eventually, but already very late, an other bus came to save the day.

Anyway, you can’t continue with a vehicle which leaks dangerous gasses into the passenger area, more and more so, while engine (probably) is kicking the last. After all, we all had that silly wish to arrive alive to our destination. A destination on this world, not an other one… 😀

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