Who lets the dog out?!

Well, she can go out the door to the yards self, but surely in our escort…oh yes, by the way: we got a dog!! Two-three days ago, we saved one from bad circumstances and aggression.

She is 1.5-2 months old, cute and a shepherd type girl. We gave her a name, in short Maze, in full length Mazikeen. Of course we couldn’t give just a simple name like, Lily, or Furry or any other idiocracy.

dog mazikeen
Our new family member, Mazikeen

We cleaned her up, she received good food, drinking water plenty and protection against insects, medical and emotional care, attention. She is quickly recovering from the bad memories of aggression, dirt and being left alone besides the probably rough moments at previous place, the birth place. Now she can feel safe, and it seems she understood it faster than we thought.

On the video above: no, she isn’t sick, just dreaming very actively after a day’s playful activities with me and my wife in our yard and inside the house. She started to run and jump happily after the received care and good words, petting, lovely food and a clean bed. All what she needed. A little love, what she should have received since day one and haven’t from others before.

But no more worries little kiddo, you have a home now, you got a family for yourself now. Even our Roxy starts to think calmly about the situation. Harbor for all! 🙂

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