When life gives you fruit…

…it’s usually not lemon. Not here at least.

The lately a bit mixed summer weather has its good sides:

  • Little pause with the heat from time to time,
  • We finally received enough rain the last few days,
  • Thanks to the rain and sun combination, fruits are progressing better in the garden and front yard,
  • More blossoms on other plants.

I, of course, still love a nice, happy, warm summer, but it isn’t too disturbing to be able to breath sometimes. And that nothing would burn out, die, in a constant heat and dry season. Now I certainly can’t complain, we got it well. Thank you Big Momma Nature! 🙂

On the other hand: how are YOU all? How is life on your side of the world? I would want to encourage you,visitor, to use the comment section, it’s entirely free. Don’t ever worry if you’re not the usual nice WP-member and you leave a nasty, spammy, negative, or dirty comment. It will be deleted nicely and your arse blocked forever. 😀  So, it’s all OK.

Also Maze, our new member of the family is quite satisfied with current situation, and she shows it:

Mazikeen, the shepherd kid
Mazikeen the mini queen 🙂

Of course, she is now in a loving home; cleaned, fed well and playing as much as she wants. With our limbs as well. Hey, a kid is like that always, right?!


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