Maze is growing!

Our (not so)baby doggie is really advancing with her growth (and her love for us as well), and got really comfortable here in her new home. Of course easier when you’re just around two months age.

I asked her if we could take some photos about her to show you. She does everything with us with pleasure, she sees as fun. Our first selfie together ( 😀 told her to make a silly face, so she put her tongue out) :

We tried to make this as disturbing as possible… 🙂 She tried to snack my face away…

Her loyalty, compassion started to show too. I put myself to the couch a bit, for a short nap after finishing some works, and waking up to a dog who wants to nap together. And how can she ask for things?! Blackmailing of course….with THE eyes:


Now those are the eyes you CANNOT say no to! Yep, that is a challenge!

And yes, I tried.


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