A-Maze with football (soccer)

Yesterday was Maze’s 2nd month on earth so we spoiled the brat more than other days. Even more playing (not that otherwise she wouldn’t have enough), toys, some extra and different dishes…and introduction of a new game for her: let’s play football. Kind of. As far as with a dog can go of course.

As you’re going to see on the videos below, the ball is yet a bit big for her, still handled it, played better with than some real (and well-earning) players of  european FCs. 😀

When you have motivation, other than money… See, Maze has easy, her motivation is fun, social activity, the joy of running and jumping on the grass and challenging each other. I was surprised how well this game went for the very first time with her, she must have it in the genes somewhere. But above that, seeing the joy on a two months old kiddo like this one is priceless.

An event to repeat.

Many times over.


But let’s see how all this goes when really practicing:


A true champion is rising, if you ask me.

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