Sailing boat…

…in a sea of love, it seems. I mean, after some administrative duties (working from home office), lied down for some nap just to wake to that I’m surrounded:

Like Noah’s ship…in small then 🙂

One, tiger Diego (I know, he grew a lot, right?!), already sleeping with me, hugging me from behind, and later from the front there comes the dog Maze asking (read: demanding) herself up to the board of this “love boat”, with a voice guaranteed one wakes up to!


This is not how it was earlier. That has been as normally would one expect, cat on entire upper level of couch, like a boss:

And cute, of course. Cute Boss, majestic and funny.

And then I think, I might occupy a piece for myself. And I should know better, I know them all! Probably I jus couldn’t care, as no matter how and what, I love them around. Sometimes, literally. Today, for example. Serenity summer, as for a title.

The waking dog
“You leave us now, we are OK”
His majesty the ButtLer 😀

Wifey was more than happy to photo this, even before I woke up to the demanding barking of aMaze the queen. Lovely family, one to be truly happy with. A smile, or 10, for every single day.

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