I love the sunrise, and the moonlight too (fiction, piece #3)

‘You can come out and stand front of me, human’

That was surprising and completely unexpected. He started to talk, and obviously he knew about our presence.

‘You will not have harm upon you and your furred creature, human. Come front, please! We need to talk urgently’

One surprise after an other: starts to talk to us, felt our presence, talks in english, clearly, and doesn’t seem to seek hostile progress. Although, that last part isn’t sure yet, anyone could say anything. Also he could lie. I was weighing possibilities, chances.

‘I do not lie! We never do. I have an important message regarding this world of yours. There is no time to waste at all!’

Well, normally I would say, that clears up a lot. In such a situation however doubt doesn’t shrink so fast. Roxy was sitting now, looking at me and talking with her usual meows to me, with a face of peace and relax as usually she does. Her stress level went indeed down, obvious. She just tried to tell me something, like Bengal cats do very often. They are extremely talkative animals. Her fur isn’t standing, she is sitting and looking peacefully.

‘How could I be sure about?’ – was the first came out me. Roxy again with a meow to me, this time with a slight of complain-like voice. I looked back at her: ‘Of course, any better ideas?! No? Thought so.’

‘You and your furred friend are still alive, aren’t you?’

Damn good argument. Now what?!



<To be continued>

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