Google Plus promotion…differently

If you do (shameless) promotion, and I did, do it…well…differently. Again, I did. Like on Google Plus network, with the following post:


Compelling reasons to subscribe to my site:

– Humor,
– Highly interesting topics,
– Pictures, you need to read less,
– There is a section with more text (if you don’t like or can’t understand pictures),
– Pictures are in high resolution, so, you can check all the details on them. It takes longer thus and others might think, you’re actually reading something. We both know, that is just a well-crafted illusion,
– Lot of invaluable information you just cannot progress further without in your life,
– No vegan agenda,
– No religious agenda,
– No political agenda,
– Satisfaction generated by hitting the subscribe button… and midi-chlorians’ number raises to be strong in the Force


If that isn’t good enough, nothing ever will bring them to this side of the Force. I just want to help them really to find the path to a higher level of consciousness…about how they better can waste their productive hours through the week.



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