Wenckheim Palace (EU) and a park

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night, just for common courtesy, depending on which side of the planet is inhabited by your grace, or, which planet of the galaxy. Yep, indeed my meds rolled away this morning… 🙂

Yesterday, being a gorgeous, shiny, calling and foremost ass-melting HOT HELL of a sunday, so, we morons thought it would be a great idea to jump again into the car and search for some beauty to see and spend some time together at, just also in tempus (did not want to write the word ‘time’ again) for the hottest hour of the day. Awesome!

We visited a castle, its garden and peacocks, and after leaving that behind, a little natural reserve as well. Photos anyone?

The old castle and its garden first:


Peacock tea time
Look, peacocks!

After we’ve gotten bored enough by all this medieval spectacle of dead ruins, we went on walk away from to a more alive destination, a part of a natural reserve in the area, not far from its “entrance”. Just a piece of it, we walk of the route more next time:


Ducks got their shelter.


The bridge to Rivendell


Knowledge is everywhere. The wiki of Ma Nature.

I hope you liked it. Sure, more to come, perhaps from other destinations.


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