Words, which have different meaning with cat(s)

There are the people who are blessed with a god(dess) at home in the form of a cat, and there are those poor, poor souls who worship something else and haven’t seen the light yet.

Let’s see what is the everyday difference in the lives with and without, how the meaning of certain things change instantly. Few examples of object transformations:


Without a cat: connected to your computer wired or wirelessly (or built-in) and usually you type on. Occassionally slapping with.

With a cat: popular sleeping place of your  cat leader, giving a sign to stop doing your thing by lying down on it.

Laser pointer:

Without a cat: you use this little tool with a company presentation to point on informations

With a cat: you entertain your god(dess) for hours, without you moving.


Without a cat: the usual place to clean and refresh yourself, doing so alone or with your human mate

With a cat: still the usual place to clean and refresh yourself, accompanied by your cat, and it is also a playground and drinking place for.


Without a  cat: you rest on it a bit after you arrive home, watching TV from, lying down on for a nap. Relax spot.

With a cat: playground, hide and seek object, treasure chest, fort.


Without a cat: The points of your home where the sun shines in through the windows.

With a cat: where you find him/her.

cat in sun

Alarm clock:

Without a cat: the device wakes you with a tune at a time in the morning it is set to.

With a cat: it is the cat.


Without a cat: handy objects to hide stuffs in, packing material in general.

With a cat: Fort Knox

Your home:

Without a cat: the private space, house or appartement, you bought/rent and live in

With a cat: your cat lives in…with you as necessity.

+1 – Bad days:

Without a cat: days when just nothing seems to succeed, all goes very wrong. Tiring, really.

With a cat: none.


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