A dog, a growth and a lake

Maze (Mazikeen) our dog is growing, faster than we thought would be possible. Of course still a puppy, still as cute and sweet as ever (or more, to my feelings), but grows insanely.

And she is in our ass all the time, she must be involved in everything. Even with check or repair works:

There goes a lot love for daddy, and she must have his back, seemingly holding, while checking waterpipes. And when done, not letting daddy stand up but instead, “attack” with an army of kisses. Right before she’s calling to football, or play with a rope, with her toy octopus, or whatever her ADHD personality thinks in given moment.

Hilarious. Delightful.

Then after all the menace games, and a good feeding, one gets tired obviously:

…and being talked to and tucked in, sleeping on the cutest possible way. Bit snorking at times, or with tongue out. Little kiddo.

The little demon queen started to love our outs too in the car. She is in love with and behaves extremely disciplined while on the road. Fine little dog she becomes.



And last weekend, by the way,  we visited a lake in a wonderful sunday weather, 20 kms further from our place. Warm, peace, lovely breeze, water. Total zen day.

September is here, so just let’s use the last warmer, sunny weeks of the year, winter comes all too soon…


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