Decisions for a freelance life

After schools, almost my whole life (minus two years having my own computer service) I worked as an employee at one or other company. Different fields, always learning.  For a boss, let’s say so, an employer (or group of). Making his yacht coming together, his house  becoming bigger, car better. While I had my fair (or not) living every month, around the same date. A stable life, sure(?) revenue stream.

Nothing to despise, though, nothing to get overly excited about either. Just an honest, simple life, with alarm on, very early, 5 days a week (or 6, sometimes, depends).

But there is a moment in your life when things change and more must change with them. Because you planned already, or because must take steps on other reasons, certain happenings in your family life start an avalanche of changes. And that happened. We even switched country, thanks to those.

I thought, this is the moment, this is the time I have the chance to make everything different with it, all for the better. And that goes for income sources as well, for work. We reboot as family our life, I reboot my carrier with a different path. With an OWN one! I was eager to take fully control over my professional life again and be my own boss. MY work, MY money, MY schedule, as I imagine. Wife 100% agreed, and supported the notion. So, we started to think of the ways and means to build a business for me:

  • It had to happen relatively fast,
  • On minimum costs,
  • Possible to start from home, online,
  • Using computer only to find work and execute tasks,
  • Can build a foundation to grow a kind of business.

Naturally, you come down to the decision, advertise yourself as freelancer.

I knew my skills: good for administrative tasks, good with Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), skilled with computer hardware, software, solving problems. There are communication skills, patience, friendliness, technology, research and writing experiences. So how to bring all these together?

Fiverr! Hubstaff! Upwork! I found you guys, hello! All at once…

It was just a matter of a short time until I came to the decision, make your freelance profile on platforms already prove themselves, and work for both: freelance workers (Sellers) growing a business, and their clients, the Buyers, ordering every moment of the day. Make your Gigs. And that is quite a work I can tell you, but it’s definitely worth the efforts. I did exactly that thus.

I called first 3, then 5 gigs to life, to eventually stand at 9. There is one for Data Entry, one for general Virtual Assistance, one in translation field between three languages (English-Dutch-Hungarian, those I am fluent with), other for Proofreading and Editing, Creative Writing. Skills, possibilities, placed under gigs. virtual-assistant-gig

Am I a millionaire now, sitting on Bahamas with a device and outsourcing work for teams while sunbathing? No, surely not. Definitely not after a half year freelancing, and that wasn’t the point of the big change either.

Do I have an income and every month? A home, yard, a car? Does this all have an upward trend, healthy progression? Yes on all counts. And that is what’s the major point here. Taking my life back entirely, the control again over its professional aspects fully, and have more time for what matters most: my family.

Was it a difficult start? For a part and period, yes, somewhat. Like every new beginning knows that. But look at the brightest side:

There is NO MORE ALARM! 







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