Home office…and the tools

The 5 office tools to plan well


As I’ve told you, approximately a half year ago I’ve switched from being the bitch an employee of someone, to become self-employed. On freelance basis, of course, doing various office tasks for clients. It’s a slow start, sure, but choosing the right platform online to start up your endeavor, to show yourself through a good-looking profile, pays off. Sooner or later, while practicing the virtue of patience, you can even rank up among sellers and getting featured.

If you build a modern yet simple website, your web presence could be called complete. You just need to maintain things, like blogging, being social, work hard and precise for every order no matter what price tag it has, for every five-star rating (and dare to ask, politely, for those ratings).

But that’s just one part of this, isn’t it?! Well, yes. To complete my orders, do my job, I need my tools.

So, I sat down for a moment, thought through the possible tasks and did an assessment. What are the needs regarding my everyday tools for my home office, what quality do I want?

Being my work what it is:

  • A reliable, fast enough computer: this point had at least two sides. First, we already had expenses (a lot) with moving to another country, buying a new home, so, costs must be as low as possible. Second, performance must be somewhat above average. You need to and want to work and communicate efficiently. You need to do multitasking (Skype, Office applications, blogging, online research, etc.), and tasks are often part of time sensitive projects. Putting time into price/quality comparisons, hardware research, pays off too. For months after. Just do it, it is a must. An AMD A8 processor (7410 with Radeon R5 graphics), in a 15” laptop with 4 to 6 GB of RAM does all I ever want to do, and a bit more even. And for 340 euros. Good.


  • Software: we all need, all kinds of. And we need them to be fast, up to date, feature rich. Professional, simply. But there is also the price, it shouldn’t cost half your kidney and quart your soul. Sure, for some office type tasks one could deploy something like LibreOffice. But is free always the best choice? Seems, that isn’t entirely the case. Neither is my experience with. Good, often, but far from perfect. So, monthly plans of Office 365 came here handy (being a Windows 10 user). Paying 6.99 a month for one user’s one installation of the full suite, or 9.99 for 5 users won’t break the piggy bank. With extras included: 1TB free OneDrive space for each user, 60 minutes monthly Skype mobile or landline calls. Thus, my wife, also working from home, can use its benefits too. For that one amount. This is obviously not the point to cheap out on.

Preferred browser is Chrome. Although Edge received a lot of improving updates, still it isn’t in the same league. Lags a lot with loading, navigating. And I’m also not a fan of empty pages.


  • Internet connection: Also, here we did not go for the minimum package. Our provider serves in our area with up to 120 Mb/s speed, and they are big and reliable. And the choice has been easier with past experiences with them, so, that was a no brainer. Faster above average is handy when lot is going on online all the time. Professionally, privately.


  • My smartphone from a year ago, a 3T from OnePlus, is great for further mobility, combined with my S2 tablet from Samsung (also a purchase from the past). They are both fast and reliable, great battery usage times. Both have Fiverr and WordPress apps, of course.


As you see, there is nothing too fancy about my start up tools. No need for 2000+ laptop or desktop to do the jobs comfortably and well in my field. This setup provides all what I need now, and doing that great. They all serve me well all the time, and my buyers. While, truth to be told, because of this cost efficient start after a research, the costs of these came already back, several times over… And making returning customers, as we do, helps every month to see the value in all the efforts and spending.