Another hard job: to rest

We get all excited. On different reasons, sometimes the same.

Also, starting up our new online business (yes, get used to the term, it is) is exciting: there is a lot to plan, lot to do, and lot to dream about. Hell, even the first orders are done, and those shiny, sincere reviews can be so damn motivating. You just don’t want to stop. Or even take a short pause and get away from the screen for a little while. The fear is real: what if I miss out on something? Am I still productive enough?

Gosh, motivation and excitement are great fueling forces, give you strength, new ideas, capacity to learn more to grow faster. From one side, it’s super. But it can be a (dangerous) trap. You can forget, you’re a human too. With family life, with a home, with biological needs. You can exhaust the resources of your body, your energy. Tire out your mind completely. Don’t.

I must be honest here, I’m fanatically excited too sometimes, to the point that 10.30 PM I catch myself on typing, researching for a new administrative task, or for my own website. Like now, this moment. Although right now I feel more rested and energized: I took a nap.

It’s nice to finish your Excel duties or writing job on time, or deliver even before deadline, but watch out for yourself, your health. You need that the next day as well, and the next week, another month. The other hard job for us doers sometimes is to rest! It can be terribly difficult, after all, under ideal circumstances, you started to walk on this path because you love it. Because you love to build your own profile, your own little enterprise. But there is a time to be active and there is for everything else. Don’t be a robot, don’t let life fly away above your head. There is a body and mind to take care of, which is the center point of your endeavor. And there are relationships to take care of. The core of your heart.

I’m now more conscious about these things, although sometimes I still must force myself a bit, but I do take time for that I’m working for: Life. If I have to, I schedule tasks and rest and set a timer. Or just giving a “slap” for my brain: ‘We stop now, period!’ But I do.

Now stop reading and go, have a good time!

Work hard, rest often!



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