Which freelance job site?

Reason for an other headache – the problem of choices


Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of any company mentioned, nor a sales rep. of them, I don’t earn on this article anything, besides readers’ appreciation. That is all I need anyway. 😊

So, you figured your strengths, your talents, you know what professional experiences you have. You are clear about your future gigs to present. You even created your gigs as plans, let’s say, in Word. Lovely, I salute you, you did a hell lot more than many others.

But, at least until an awesome pro website is up and getting traffic, you need a job site, a service for freelance talents (designers, writers, translators) to be able to show the world you are available to get your hands deep in. But where, or, which from the oh so many. They all promise everything…

I have profile on a few services: Fiverr, HubStaff, Upwork, and one other with a name starting with a Z… Honestly, it’s so bad, I don’t even remember the 4th one’s name. On these I have set up profiles. Same profile photo, same skills and experiences. Consistently the same of course.

In six months time, only 1 out of the 4 big services delivered. Yes, you probably guessed it, but if not: Fiverr did. It wasn’t fast, but it gave progress and it still does. Yes, I’m active on it, and not because of the lack of an own website, but my site still needs work. And in the meantime, so do I.

And the others?

Well, HubStaff delivered zero. Upwork did only one time, despite my active efforts, not just to build a profile, but also to apply for certain type of advertised jobs. Basically, for everything in the field of data, writing, administrative duties, virtual assistant tasks. They delivered thus nothing.

In the same period, on Fiverr, there came the first client and rating, then a second…and before I knew, from New Seller became Level 1 (out of 2). And as I saw, accidentally, you get featured at times on the main page as well.

Level 1 badge on Fiverr profileComes handy if you want to get discovered.

Different people have different opinions about these freelance marketplaces for job opportunities, and sure, some of them takes even 20% cut from your revenues. But, is it a place we can start? Yes. Did you have to pay to start before any work done? Nope. The key here, it’s a starting point. It is not the place you stay ’til you get retired. Build a profile, get rated (aka, references, later useful as Testimonials), start to roll. At least until you grow out the place.

Let’s hope we both will, you and me!