Great profile knows gratitude too

On both sides: employers, or in our freelance entrepreneur world, customers (buyers of gigs), and us the executing units, the virtual assistants if you like, are humans.

Not everyone admits, but whatever we do, search for and communicate about, we appreciate if we can see shining a bit of the human side of things. That both sides aren’t just seen as either the wallet or the tool.

A great profile and one which with time will pull returning customers, in my opinion isn’t just productive, isn’t just precise and delivers on time. There is more, buyers, most of them, can love. Even if they don’t always admit. Such as:

  • Gratitude: you show appreciation for every little order, every dollar spent on your work. No matter how much was that amount, $4 or $400, everyone is treated equally welcome. You thank kindly every effort which has put a nice review out about your assistance, another shiny testimonial. Or if not on a job site, then you received their thanks through Skype, e-mail…there is no shame in returning that.
  • Humor: If it stays within healthy boundaries, a good sense of humor can’t hurt. Especially a smart type of (not smart ass, let’s not confuse). It can brighten someone’s day. Just watch out it doesn’t hurt professionalism, and it never turns to become rude, insensitive, flat out antisocial. Thread gently, you could thread on your dreams…
  • Empathy: Being empathetic, considerate in certain situations, well, shows your further soft skills, your human side as freelance help. Yes, you could apply a $5 extra to that order, but his budget, that moment was strictly $15. It could be a BS, but it is more likely it’s indeed true. And you don’t turn him down, especially while it’s a relatively easy job. I had such, with a nice message received, telling about a budget, but my help was needed. Hell, I even made a little cut for him, he can get it a bit under his budget. Few bucks of kindness can go a long way sometimes.


Yes, we maintain a professional profile, and these relationships have their clear boundaries.  It’s true, when it’s about deadlines, task descriptions, additional information, long-term agreements, and alike. But, we all are humans: be a client/buyer, or, a designer, translation wizard, writing magician, data field jockey or the best Virtual Assistant. No matter. We all can provide and appreciate a little bit of personal touch with every assignment. Just the amount that makes sense and feels good, nothing cringy (or cringey).

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