Help, it’s task-tsunami!

Yes, you probably guessed it, today it’s about a What if

What if unexpectedly (as result of good Karma maybe) One receives two, three, four orders, requests, or more, about possible jobs, tasks? All at the very same moment, and you have one or two clients with recurring jobs for you as a daily activity. Well, first, congratulations, it’s going uphill, sweet! Secondly, let’s just keep our heads cool and see what’s going on and how we could handle. It did happen with me, and just recently.

I got this situation few days ago. I was busy with handling orders of my stable client’s web shop, like every day I do for him in 3 hours a day. Lately I won another customer to become a stable client, he loves to send me Excel sheets to complete them with certain data. He also just popped up in a Fiverr message that moment, bringing the news of 20 extra sheets as task with him. Thankfully, with a deadline of four days as well. Phew, I could say.

Until now, nothing unusual. I communicated back, as always, and let him know that all is well, I’m on it very soon. I did not even finish the sentences, TWO other new customers popped up on the horizon, both with translating jobs. One to finish within an hour, they ordered that as gig extra without any consultation (1-hour rush is a subject of consulting first about, before any orders). Another new customer came with a translation with 1-day deadline. Both around the 500-900 words. Not too big ones luckily.

While I was happy as hell, seemingly I’m easy to find these days through different channels (Fiverr, Skype, my website), my brain automatically started to put all these requests into order of importance. With their deadlines.

So, what did I do first?

COMMUNICATED. Answered all of them, one after an other, in the order of rush, telling them I AM on their orders and when exactly. That is the first thing we do, communicate with our customers (politely and being friendly, yet professionally formulating. Friendly does not mean a clown). And they appreciate as hell a quick and nice response. Short if possible, on point answers.

And then?

Downloaded provided materials into new folders. Naming those folders after my new orders, and on a way, I could identify the timeline of execution and to which customer of course the item belongs to. So also, the results go into the right ones. After finishing these tasks, I must be able to see which work is for which dear client and what to do first, and giving the right results of my activities to the right person. Which is why, extremely important thus: be ORGANIZED! Make friends with folders, and check twice where you download to, which document. Double check. Always, everything.

You start right away, and EXECUTE the order first which came with the biggest rush. In such moments of life, logically, it is crucial that there are absolutely NO DISTRACTIONS! Few very different tasks. Differing in their nature, time given, and level of difficulty. The slightest distraction could break FOCUS, and some gig-extras and its price could depend on. Besides customer satisfaction, and the chance of returning to you. And, for example with translations, after done with, you still must proofread, check your writing. That takes time too. So, full focus on the task in line is key!

Finally, you DELIVER. On time!  Sending the results back to clients in order of their rush. As I completed the 1-hour translation job first, delivered as first either. Then the 1-day job. Then returned to the recurring daily task of the web shop customer, and the other with the Excel sheets of 4-days time. Usual pace is slowly returning, I saw again the end of a certain mystical tunnel.

And you do deliver work results (whatever that is), by the way, with an appropriate message, a friendly but professional language use. A short message with your delivery would suffice:

Hi …,


Thank you for your order! Your delivery is enclosed. If there are any problems, any questions regarding your task, please let me know. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Thanks again and have a great day!



So, all ended well, right?!

Just with a little organization of duties, calm kept mind and hard work. That’s all what it takes to show others: they can trust you with their stuffs. After you finished a hard day, there is one thing, one last thing remaining, to remind yourself: