You know what to do. Also, how?

5 steps to a profile well done

It’s good to have good ideas, even better to have great ones. And if those are connected to real talents and experiences, skills, we have a winner over there.

Or, do we?

If someone is really giving heart and soul into his little business endeavor, then one wants to setup the show beautifully. Literally, B-E-A-utiful must become. Also, somewhat professional looking, different, shows your abilities and personality. No one gets attracted to an empty or half-done profile, website. No one will have trust in a corner where no effort is visible. But I know, it’s hell lot of work to edit your gigs well, have the right images, selecting and placing the best of past projects as examples (if any). But it is vital.

What are the 5 steps to a shiny profile:

  • Good profile photo is priority. A not too lengthy, well-written profile description too. Make drafts.

profile photo and description

  • Plan the Gigs: how many gigs to start with, what tasks would they hold? Catchy title is a must (I will proofread and edit, write extra) and should be planned as well. You need to plan gig descriptions, an image for them (royalty free, or self-made, not picked away). Also with this planning, you can make drafts, for example, in Word.


  • Give people options: there is a feature on Fiverr for gigs, you can give people clear options with packages. You can create three price and package options customers can choose from with given gig, with eventual gig extras (chance to make more revenue, but be sure about that you can deliver). It looks great, it works well.

Gig's package options listed

  • Do you have pieces of reference works to show? Then don’t hold those for yourself. When you make a gig, you can upload images, PDF files (showcasing writings, translations, resume, etc.), videos. Whatever quality material you have, if it’s related, put it up! As more your profile shines with fully filled gigs, presenting proofs, as more confident others can become to message you and order from you.

show your reference work

  • You could use bullet points with your gig’s description. After you tell in a few lines what’s this all about, you could put possible type of tasks, activities into points. Easier to digest, faster, and catches the eye. And it shows an attractive editing. It looks good, and makes your commitment to work with style very obvious. And if needed, and extra note or disclaimer can close the description. Any sense of humor? Feel free to use it, knowing how far you can go, of course.

gig description page

I think this is pretty much covered in some details. Now all what is needed here, your ideas.

Note: I have today 9 gigs. It started with two, and it takes time to figure out how to put your skills into 3, 5, 7 or 9 gigs. If you can, do it. Let that profile really shine, attract people and give yourself a chance for revenue streams. It can look like an extended visitor’s card. That goes for your (future) website too!