Danger, your office work can eat you!

4 points of office work scenarios to be conscious about…at least

As you might become more and more successful, and more independent with your entrepreneurship of home office, as busier life gets too. You feel sometimes, you’re going to need to grow two pairs of extra hands. If that would be the only office work hazard…

On the idyllic surface, it appears your office desk would be a perfectly safe and healthy place to work. There are certainly no obvious hazards of the kind that are commonplace on construction sites or in factories, and many office workers enjoy the benefits of rigid working days, rather than having their body clocks thrown by changing shift patterns.

Sure, that side is cleared.

But an office, no matter it’s the home of the freelancer or otherwise, knows its own hazards. And they’re often sneakier and thus less obvious at first. Until they start to cause troubles. But what hazards are we talking about? I put it in some easy to digest points. In certain moment I might sound like mommy – Son, sit straight or I put a book under your arm – type of thing. But hell, I’m with moms on this. They knew it better when they warned us!


  • Being chained to your desk. Researchers have demonstrated that prolonged sitting time is associated with poor health outcomes regardless of the amount of physical activity performed. And mostly because we all tend to do it wrong! Slouching, sitting cross-legged, hunching forward, phone cradling. Just to name some. They’re all contributor facts for back pain, neck pain, headaches. Well, and when you realize them: stress comes along with these.office-work-hazard-back-pain
  • Computers. Yes, I love mine too, it makes professional life so easy and pleasant that I might not even care for moments that it in fact isn’t positioned ideally, like monitor, keyboard, mouse (or laptop is in the wrong height, far too low sitting). So, we tend to then, again, sit wrong by adjusting our position to it, instead of the other way around. And of course, while being damn productive, we forget about time. One of the factors cause eye strain. Besides inadequate lighting conditions in the room. To avoid eye strain, both the computer monitor, and the office lighting need to be addressed. The screen should be adjusted so that its brightness and contrast levels suit the lighting conditions in the room, which should not be too bright. Also: take a break for 10 minutes every 1 or 2 hours. It’s a must!
  • Hurry, grab something. And sadly, often, we won’t care about WHAT. A quick half a burger between two tasks, chips ‘til lunch (or even instead), a few french fries with coke (the cola I mean), a piece of chocolate. So many tasty mistakes to make! Eat regularly and eat improved please. Besides, it’s your right, and keeping a normal lunch break helps to get away from your desk a while, move your muscles and let your blood circulate, and it’s a chance to socialize as well.
  • Organized desk, and work schedule. Yes, an unorganized desk, a chaos called to life can cause stress a lot. Besides while you’re busy on such a desk, you WILL adjust your sitting and working position to the mess. Procrastinating isn’t always a bad thing. Stronger, in some situations you can avoid unnecessary extra stressful moments by doing so. But doing delays, huge ones, timed wrongly and/or far more often than one should, will fuel stress regularly and can even reach unbearable heights. Then you (rage)quit, or your health makes you.


It’s easy and also hard to prevent health issues while making an other customer of your enterprise satisfied. On itself, this list doesn’t present anything particularly difficult to adjust. It’s our mindset and focus on goals of our freelance (or other) business make us often forget about the one an enterprise cannot exist without: ourselves.