New year, new chances…for freelance TARGETS!

First of all, I wish a very happy, healthy and incredibly successful 2018 for every freelancer and their customers. Also for those who fall in both categories.

The time of arrival of a new calendar year is always a great moment to decide on new resolutions, new targets. Planning ahead and creating a TO-DO list with points most important for the business isn’t, in my opinion, a bad idea. Also, definitely not a new idea, many thought of this before, hell, many even executed such before.

I started to write this, besides giving search ranking a minuscule chance, because I would want to present my points, my targets for the new year of 2018:


  • Writing blog posts regularly. Much more than ever, at least once a week publishing something readable.
  • Start new funds. New saving account, retirement fund to be built up. Actually these both are going to be realized this month. One at our new bank, other through independent financial advisory. ’Cause, once we all will eventually  stop working, or we would like it to happen one day…
  • Care more about health, rather on a daily fashion! And more about prevention than solutions. Having special attention on the right food! After all, we can remain the productive assistants for others only when we’re healthy and energized.
  • Rebuilding the main website: providing secure order and payment options, presenting ALL of the gigs currently available through well-known job/gig sites. So, when the moment is right sometime in 2018, it would be entirely prepared for full freelance independence. Who likes 20% cuts by any service(s)?!
  • Improving on Tweeter use, which I started already in last quarter of 2017, but there is room for improvements. Especially considering frequency. Tweeter is really a good tool.
  • Creating more and better promotions of the gigs and myself. While, of course, preventing spam behavior. No one likes spam, neither do I! Blog articles are useful with such plans, as for one (old) idea.
  • Try to apply improvements on writing! I’m not too proud to admit, it needs some. Let’s do it!
  • More rest.

That sums it up well. These are partially checked, some of these “just” involve scheduled updates, improving activities from my part. I would love to believe, and so does my wife, I’m up to the job in 2018 too. And 19. And 20.