Writers’ tools, on Windows 10

Two of many applications freelance writers can enjoy

There are freelancers of many types, with many talents and professions. From data miners to graphics designers, website jockeys, virtual assistants to writing wonders.

Today, let’s assess tools on Windows 10, the  applications help those who write. No matter what type of writing: copywriters, novelists, poets, blog article creators. We all need software, a good one, which does the job well. Hell, we even might want to enjoy the process. And again, in this article I focus on the operating system Windows’ newest iteration, the mighty 10. But, at the end of this post, I will link you to a site article where they showed one of the best writing software for Linux users. I do like Linux, but I love Windows 10 (especially after Fall upgrade), macOS, and the apps available for them.

Tool 1: Word, the Modern UI app variant. Yes, just call me crazy, but it is really good. Fast, snappy, options all what you need while writing, yet not such a huge toolbar as on its traditional version counterpart. Look:

word modern app starting
First time start of the Modern-UI Word

On above screenshot: the new type of Word app is starting up on the desktop for the first time.

Already looks good if you ask me, but the clean UI of the application after start, is a real gem. You see, that on the second screenshot below. Not overwhelming, relaxed, clean. Obviously, being the new app universally for mobile devices and desktop, it is touch-oriented. But the whole thing is quick and light. Good tool for every day!

The main window with the first info prompt about auto saving feature. Well, good to know.
Also good to know sometimes, word count. 300 or more is always an SEO advice, right?!

Tool 2: WriterPlus. Now this is the application those will love who find  the clean new Word just too much of a distraction, and they want to call all app functions with keyboard combinations,  otherwise they want a menu-free user interface. Here it is, WriterPlus app. It is clean, it has basic menu with basic options (yet, absolutely enough) and even that can be perfectly hidden and never see it again. If that’s your wish. And you can have this app on truly full screen! The application is light on resources of course, snappy, and a true joy. At its first start, all of its important functions, pros and keyboard shortcuts are explained. Yes, there are such friendly developers in the wild. I shut up and let’s see:






There is no secret in, and it’s fairly obvious, I use Windows 10/macOS for everything. But for those on Linux and lovers of simple writing applications: HERE is a beauty. If LibreOffice isn’t your thing anyway. Even though, it is a good suite and for free.

These above were just two examples, those I like the most. There is a chance that I’ll make a series of this and showcase other pieces of software in this category. There is plenty to cover. If there is a need, I’m here to serve it!


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