Rent a KITT

Business idea based on emotions of generations

There is nothing new about that companies, in order to sell products, try to play on the strings of certain emotions of the general public. Mainly when they advertise their new products, services. Look at Apple’s history of ads as an outstanding example. Or Google’s fine efforts.

There is a particular case however, when there is no such well-crafted, manipulative ad in place. It is the service itself which reminds you of the countless weeks of adventures, Turbo Boosting™ to all heights, speeding through states in missions. And Jon knows that well (the car is advertised as a part of Jon G’s rental). He certainly shares the sentiment, and saw the chance to do business with us, the kids from the past.

KITT from front side
Still as good looking as ever, aged nothing 😀

The owner of this car is right, in my opinion. There is a huge market out there, all the adults (?) today, used to be those children sitting front the TV in excitement and with never ending curiousity. And is there any better place than Los Angeles, California?! Hardly.

But it’s just the car, looks same from outside, right?! There is no KITT in reality?! What is so special about then? Well, just like with Apple products, there is the sum of important (killer) details:

Knight Rider dashboard
Yes, full dashboard included with this experience

Does this count as an argument for viable business model? Not yet? Then maybe:

inside KITT
The full, spectacular view inside this KITT replica :-O

KITT's red scanner light

I have the feeling that this particular car will have a huge mileage very soon (or has already), and will need a lot of maintenance. I see it rolling regularly into a moving base of a truck for the usual check-ups… 😀

Price: $175 a day with a 100 miles travel allowance

Day: 100 mi
Week: 350 mi
Month: 750 mi
Owner: Jon G. – Rating after 144 reviews (and counting): 5 star. Still not clear if a natural talent or studied business topics.
And how popular actually it became?!
This is a gig in Los Angeles, now there’s been written about even in some of the Central-European media outlets too. Knight Rider has been played on television over and over again in the past decades, basically in whole Europe. With all of its derivatives, like Knight Rider Team, the 2000.

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  1. Reblogged this on Julx's Blog and commented:

    If you were ever a fan of the 80s TV shows then you will undoubtedly know Knight Rider and the amazing car. The show has such a fan following that there are those who have made it their mission to have custom cars made.
    This is a certainly great article about someone who turned a fantasy into a business.

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  2. That was a great strategy indeed. If I was there I would definitely try that car. I know there is really no KITT but heck! I really followed that show when I was a child! Oh wait, will do marathon on the weekend! 🙂

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    1. Haha, I like you, it’s so me! Yes, we grew up with and I have the entire movie collection on server: old series, KR2000, KR-Team, and the Mustang KR from 2008-2010. And KITT in reality might be closer than we think…


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