It’s POLL and feedback time!

You know, I’m always curious to your opinions, views. And ever since I changed the original blog site to this work/professional life related place, I asked myself, what else?! How further? I have of course a set of rules, but there can be an escape from the route chosen, or a gap in…

The true wisdom comes from the public of WordPress. The visitors. So, it is your time to fill a poll and, if no law restricts you to do so, provide a feedback, in relation to the content of the website.

And since Google is so great and gives all kind of tools, here is the Google Form I just created for the purpose. Just a click:

Just a click away...poll time!

Also, if you have anything else to say, besides the content I’ve created here, do not hesitate to write it down. Wit, sarcasm, jokes? No problem, all can be used against you later anyway. 😀


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