Selling on Your Site: Tips on Using the Payment Button


I think this is extra useful for many of us.

WordPress is a great platform for everything; from literature and visual art blogs to do serious business and go independent entirely.

And that just became so much easier, more convenient.

Very good on them to create a guide like this, with handy tips accompanied for a complete tutorial.
And it is not just for Business Plans, it’s for the Premium Tier as well!



With the Simple Payments button, the opportunities for selling on your site are endless: collect pet adoption deposits and membership dues, or sell dental conference tickets and music festival t-shirts. Here’s what you can do to make the most of this Business and Premium plan feature.

Tip #1: Place your button strategically

D.C. Basketball Events, the website of the Dream Catchers Basketball program for girls in the US Pacific Northwest, promotes the upcoming 4th Annual Winter Jam with a can’t-miss image on its front page. Underneath, they display a contact form and payment buttons for basketball teams to register and pay.

The site also has a payment page for future events, but the bold homepage promotion of this weekend’s Winter Jam makes it timely and prominent. So if you want your readers to see something, place it front and center.

Science journalist Leonid Schneider, who writes at

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