Update: I have a new blog site

One for creative impulses


Just a short update.

As this website is meant to be the face and platform of my professional life, I had no choice other than creating a separate blog HERE for my ever cooking (inside) creative inspirations, motivations.

And to harass people with the “products” of this private side. Of course, all what is to see right now on the new blog may be subject to changes: more posts to come, theme MIGHT be changed to something more customisable and incredible.

This is just a new beginning…or continuation of an old one, as you might be aware of, some of you.

Anyway, drop by in the (near) future, and comment. If you must. 😀


Author: Robert Varga

Animal and literature, music lover, family guy...what else...oh, yes, coffee addict as hell! Someone who has the dream of becoming a writer. You could call it a goal. I’m earning my living, just like my dear wife, as a freelance DOer, since May 2017. That was the point in my life when I decided, I take all the control back and started to build my little and ever since constantly growing online business.