Monday motivation

Keep the freelance admin in you motivated

You’re reading the title and you might ask already: Monday  and motivation, is he drunk so early already? I can assure you, I’m not. Although, as you can recall, crazies don’t see either what they really are.

But, I’m not crazy. Promised.

Just past week, I had my moments, not the best ones I mean. Tasks after tasks, in all sizes. Small, medium and super XL. Many documents, all kind of folders, files everywhere, and time is ticking all but forward. And as an addition to it, it’s sad and cold winter. Easy to feel generally underpowered, quickly exhausted. I needed motivation.

And as I looked at the different orders and deadlines, something else also has hit my eyes accidentally. All the past comments, rates, from one timers and returning customers alike.
Testimonials, if you like, all shining with five stars. The kind words, the warmth, appreciation. Every time more and more, building up very well.

  • Great work and communication. I recommend this gig in a heart beat!
  • Very quick and efficient!! Did a great job with the translation. Thanks a lot! Will be pinging you again shortly for more orders.
  • Fast delivery, very good communication. I like to work with people like that.

I felt a smile coming.
Same with some Skype messages, left tips on top of gig prices.

The other, even more obvious motivation could be: your earnings. And that those earnings, while and if they’re growing steadily, help you in keeping your absolute independence.

It’s freedom. It’s more family time. More cats (like the one below. Milly Schmidt, you wanted more cats, I believe!)
And to say, I do what the hell I ever want.


Got time for meuw?