My smartphone, my smart assistant

And the very favourite apps I use for freelance support
and private life

I’m 38 years old (great age, yes) and just like many other people, I didn’t start my life either with a smartphone, and the whole thing came relatively late into my life too. I was around 27 maybe…

But thank god they exist.

My smartphone today, which is a OnePlus 3T (got it shortly after release), is the absolute assistant of my life. Up to date with Android 8.0 Oreo. I wouldn’t want to miss it, we talk about work or private life. It’s reliable, stable, good battery usage times, and the apps I can’t be without sometimes, if away from the computer. But, which are those exactly, the applications? I list my 8 most used ones:

Keep: On the go, or on the couch with the laptop off, this app gets all my ideas, short notes on important numbers (not phone, other type of), links and info about, task lists, just name it. A memory bank for the times my own is misbehaving.

Flipboard: Brings the news, the good and bad, from anywhere to one place: into your hand. And I AM a news junkie. Nothing to shame.

Fiverr: Despite its very obvious flaws and sometimes ignoring the values of the freelance business minds, it still brings cash in, work. At least until one establishes his/her enterprise outside of such places, it still brings customers. The mobile app is not something we can afford to miss. Many of your virtual assistant communication and order handling tasks can be done easily, anywhere.

Skype: For both work and private. I have clients these days graduated to become daily work relationships, for certain negotiated price, for long term. And in those cases where it isn’t necessary to, why would you use a freelance job platform to handle things with them?! Skype is thus the tool.

WordPress: It’s fairly obvious I guess. Read. Comment. Like. Repeat.

CastBox: I love music podcasts to relax with. Music in high doses. And this is the best app in my opinion to do that, to enjoy podcasts.

Edison mail: It is and remains my preferred e-mail application on both, my phone and tablet. It’s incredibly fast syncing, reliable, easy, looks well. And who doesn’t need these days a good app to handle those mails quickly?

Banking app: Well…money. Even that has an app, fortunately. Must love that.

WhatsApp: The place which holds private conversations only. Family, friends, and those people who aren’t in any of the two categories but it’s such a great temptation to annoy them! I can resist anything, except temptation.

Just 8 from 60 apps. The eight key applications I don’t want a smartphone or tablet without.
What’s yours?