When you’re an employee, employers matter

5 Best Qualities of Great Employers

If employers are looking for suitable employees who have extraordinary qualities of managing time and work and fit for long-term employment, then it is also important for employees to choose their employer wisely while looking for some job or pursuing their career. It is important to be a good employer as he does not only ensure the successful running of the company or institution but also ensures the personal and future growth of employees throughout their employment. So, here are some great traits of the great employer through which you can also measure up whether the chosen employer or company is good for you or not:

  1. A Reasonable Wage Always Matters

Employees with productive and creative abilities are always looking for employers who offer handsome wages, but doesn’t it matter how great your organisation is or how many employees you already have? Good wages always matter and make the extra productive and creative employees stay and stop looking . So, you cannot list yourself among the best employers if you are not good at paying, but the pay should not be something beyond company’s standards or average pay scale, just it should be something fair and reasonable.

  1. Make the Company A Friendly Place to Work

Productive employees know well how to cash their productive abilities and are not only looking for good salaries but also looking for to join some such company or organization that really gives them respect and honour (along with good pay) for their honest efforts.  So, an employer with the good sense of humour, friendly environment around and who occasionally appreciates the efforts of his/her employees for their hard work and reward them are considered the great employers. Working hard and getting paid on-time with no further respect or appreciation cannot make someone a great employer.

  1. Flexibility in Working Schedule

Most of the employees like to work with flexible working hours so that they have enough time to schedule their other family responsibilities and personal life as well. It doesn’t mean that an employee can even leave anytime or remain absent from important meetings to take his child from daycare centre or take his wife to the shopping, but it means that an employee should be able to manage the work also from his or her home or spend extra time to compensate when needed. So, a great employer should not consider or treat his employees like machines or show inhuman behaviour. Be flexible and cooperative always.

  1. Appreciating Employees

Doing constant hard work and getting no extra reward can make the good and creative employees run. So, employers who often reward their employees for their honest efforts and good progress after getting some big project done, inspire them to work harder for the performance of their company are considered favourite employers. Arranging summer camps, company dinner, incentive, bonus giving ceremonies and other such activities make the staff happy and inspire other good employees to join the company.

  1. Respecting Employees’ Feedback

Employers who make big decisions with the consultation and collaboration of their employees get more productive outputs. So, be open to new suggestions and feedback from your employees regarding the progress of the business! It does not only invite the other employees to give their precious suggestions, but also make them feel an active part of their organisation. Implementing one’s own decision without caring about the suggestions from others can be risky for the business.