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How to earn right and make a living

There are several ways to get paid as a writer – and it is definitely a great idea to get paid doing something you love. However, professional writing is not so easy – you would need to type a few hundred to thousand original words to set up a good content – but this is achievable. Yes, it is possible to earn enough even when this is a side hustle, and soon enough, you would be tempted to go into writing full time – so long as you get it right. How do you start off right? How do you achieve good value for your effort? How can you truly make a living through freelance writing? Here are a few tips.

Know your Target Audience
Before you make the decision to begin a freelance writing career, you must be fully aware of your target audience. Business owners and entrepreneurs would most likely prefer service pages or a content that portrays the great attributes of their business. On the other hand, marketers may prefer something very different. Therefore, you must know your target audience first before making the decision to begin a career in freelancing. This will make you aware of how best you relate with your clients, understanding their needs a lot better so you can always provide top quality service.

Fact Based Writing
Most of your clients may want a proper backing to your claims in the content. This is especially important in the freelance world where individuals need their content to rank properly on Google. When you are able to deliver articles and they are well written and structured properly, trust would be built in that relationship – and you may have just won a repeat buyer online.

Figure Out Your Expertise
You want to write, but you don’t know what to write about or what sells. The oldest saying in the book is to write what you know. This is especially true with freelance writing. Find your niche and become an expert. Think about your interests. What inspires you? What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy learning about? What do you know a lot about already?

Latest News
To ensure you regularly provide content of top quality, it is a great idea to read up the latest happenings and news in the industry. You could achieve this by following different blogs and entrepreneurs in different industries. This will not only provide you with fresh content marketing strategy, but you would be providing the best resources to your target audience – resources that will especially interest your readers, clients.

Setup a Blog
Starting a blog is crucial to the success of freelance writing. Providing interesting and catchy stories and tips on your website along with a good schedule that ensures you always provide regular updates will keep readers interested – and definitely earn you some good bucks.

Always have in mind that every successful freelance writer started out as a beginner. While it is not so easy to start off a lucrative career in freelance writing, it is very possible. With determination and continuous writing over time, you would level up as soon as possible – and become a professional, making a living doing something you really love.

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  1. As an aspiring freelance journalist, I’m concerned that I might not get spotted because I don’t have a degree in writing or journalism. Is this going to hinder my ability to find freelance work?

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    1. While I’m not a freelance journalist (I work in administrative field), I think of course that a degree would be certainly helpful as for journalism itself. Of course, also without you can find freelance work, starting your own freelance operations, you could even land in your dream position to write for a publication online (they work often with freelance journalists), but a degree combined with some experience and writing skills to show is surely a combo to go with. I could imagine.

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  2. Hey Robert, thanks for your advice! Do you think it’s necessary to pay for plugins or upgrade a blog account to make it look more professional? At the moment I can’t decide how important this is and whether to upgrade my blog or not!

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    1. Hi. Good question. I have my primary site (this one) on an upgraded Premium plan, but that is clear why: I use a premium small business theme (customized for my needs) and using payment systems, so I simply have to keep it on payed plan. There is my other, new blog site with my creative writings (private purpose place), that I can keep on the free tier, no matter how long. One needs to assess purposes and the (near) future goals with a given website: do I need and want more than just a standard free theme, do I want to go on entrepreneur route this year (not necessarily freelance, could be a magazine as well), do I need premium tier plugins to expand my site’s features? All depends on purposes.


    2. Maybe it is wise to think of an upgrade and expansion when the blog site gained more subscribers, visitors, engagement. And when it is used for regular blogging — every week, through the whole year, with a clear path, and goals set. I upgraded my account only when I had a clear vision what is my goal with, profession wise.


      1. Thank you! That’s really helpful. At the moment I’m only blogging every few weeks so I agree, maybe an update is something to consider in the future if I’m blogging more regularly.


    1. One of the meaning of Stifle is: make (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate.
      The sentence in this post where stifle is linked to: While it is not so easy to start off a lucrative career in freelance writing… – which can be overwhelming indeed, even suffocating at times


    2. Or just because a website is a business site on the first place, shouldn’t enter a prompt challenge with its blog? Does the article sell anything? Does it use inappropriate commercial links to try, or anything alike? Nope, on all counts.


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